Premium Editing and Research Services


We offer a full range of editing services, customized to fit the unique needs of our clients. Some of our  primary services include:

  • proofreading
  • structural editing
  • stylistic editing
  • research assistance
  • design and statistical help


The English language is complex. Spell check and grammar check programs don't always catch errors, or they may indicate the possibility of errors where there are none. We make sure that your document reads professionally by addressing all punctuation, spelling, and grammatical errors. We also make sure your thesis or dissertation is properly formatted according to the latest APA, MLA, or other style manual.

Structural Editing

We focus on the logic and expression of ideas, ensuring your paragraphs are on-topic and convey information clearly. We also check for appropriate transitions, eliminate ambiguities, and make sure your introductions and conclusions function according to the rules of dissertation writing.

Stylistic Editing

Content and style go hand in hand. Here we focus on voice. Does your text sound professional? Is the vocabulary appropriate to the discipline in which the disseration or thesis is situated? Are your sentences concise and formal? We make sure the answers to these and many other questions are yes, yes, and yes.

Literature Review and Article Research

Research is a time-consuming process. If you are interested in getting help with locating up-to-date, peer-reviewed articles and books that pertain to your topic of study, give us a call. We can also summarize articles, which you can incorporate into your literature review.

Research Design

Perhaps the hardest aspect of the disseration-writing process is developing a sound   research design. There are many aspects to creating a good design. Research problems, hypotheses, variables, instruments, samples, issues of validity, statistical methods, methods of qualitative coding--the list can seem endless.The researcher must approach these components carefully with an eye to  making sure every component works in concert to create an effective study. We provide help with this.

Regression graph in a thesis

 Statisics is not simply a matter of punching numbers into a calculator or entering data into a statistical software program and getting results. At Apex Dissertations, we understand that quantitative research design and statistical procedures are interrelated. Problems, hypotheses, measures, theory, statistical procedures, and the discussion of results must make sense in relation to each other. We value the importance of assessing the entire picture, and can help you fix or make the necessary adjustments so that the pieces of your dissertation or thesis fit together coherently.