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The Dissertation MountainApproaching the disseration mountain one step at a time. By focusing on individual chapters and the relevant sections within those chapters, the student can turn a dissertation into a series of manageable tasks rather than experiencing it as a 300-page mountain.

Check against non-response biasOvercoming non-response bias in survey research.  People often fail to fill out or return surveys.  Haven’t you? Don’t let unreturned or poorly filled out surveys compromise your random sample. Learn what non-response bias is, why people fail to properly fill out or return surveys, and what measures you can take to minimize the negative effects of this type of non-sampling error.

tips for dissertation proofreadingWhile proofreading a dissertation or thesis proposal is much like proofeading any other document, applying a few tips that take into account potential differences (for example length and salient formatting issues) can help ensure your final proposal reads as error-free as possible. Of course, employing the usual strategies won't hurt your final document either.

citing a reference retrieved onlineA guide to documenting articles located online. The year 2010 has brought some new changes to APA documenting requirements. This article provides up-to-date information on documentation using the digital object identifier and advice on how to cite electronic sources when no DOI is available.

The article summary: The basic building block of the literature review in dissertations and theses (part 1 in the Literature Review Series). This article provides practical advice on how to summarize articles for a literature review in a dissertation or thesis. Summarizing is the most common type of writing in a review of literature. Master the art of the article summary and you’ve taken one of several big steps in the dissertation writing process.