Premium Editing and Research Services


We provide a number of different services, ranging from proofreading to statistical assistance. Because each client has unique requirements, we do not use a simple, one-price-fits-all formula. Our prices reflect the quality of our editing and are competitive. There are many extra benefits that come with any substantial editing, such as a free table of contents, reference section, and consultation.The greatest benefit of all, however, is a high-quality text.

Receiving a price quote from us is easy. You can  give us a call, describing the nature of your project, or you can e-mail us a sample of your writing with an estimated page count. We’ll let you know the price with possible options, structure a flexible payment plan, and give you a return time.  We also accept Paypal.

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Our advantages

  • High-quality work at competitive prices
  • Flexible payment options
  • Work completed at your pace
  • Free table of contents and reference pages with any substantial editing
  • Free consultation
  • Prices provided up front
  • Excellent communication